Medalist Programs

Structured & Advanced Dance Classes for Competitive-Level Dance

In addition to beginner, intermediate, and advanced dance classes on a drop-in basis, Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, also offers social and competitive dance programs that are designed for students who wish to expand their dance education through the National Dance Council of America, or NDCA, and learn from the Dance Vision Bronze, Silver, and Gold syllabi. These are the step and technique guides that competitors and teachers use to develop their own dancing.

Medalist Dance Programs

Students enrolled in Medalist Dance Programs typically find greater success with their dancing, as the curriculum is based around a tangible syllabus that measures every bit of progress made. Learning within our Medalist Dance Programs is not about acquiring steps; it is all about employing proper techniques, understanding the fundamentals of partner dancing, and learning how to use that information comfortably and confidently in any setting.

Bronze Syllabus

In Bronze, we focus on dance position or hold, movement, frame, posture, leading and following, and dance etiquette to help beginner and intermediate dancers develop a strong dancing foundation. The elements taught in Bronze can be expanded upon well into the Gold Level, as they are the fundamentals necessary for good dancing.

Dance Competition

Ballroom Dancing Competition

Silver Syllabus

In Silver, we build on your Bronze foundation with lessons on fluidity, styling, dynamics, form, connection, and musicality. We also focus on new patterns of dance steps that will allow you to move around the dance floor more effectively and with style. At this level students will be able to understand and absorb information more quickly, make better use of the dance floor, and move effortlessly with their partner.

Gold Syllabus

In Gold, we focus on connecting Bronze and Silver steps to create intricate, exciting routines. In addition to the elements learned in Bronze and Silver, all Gold students will have the ability to be creative and flexible in using the fundamentals to create dance routines for performances or competitions. Leading and following, advanced connections, and proper techniques are reinforced and are especially important at this level.