Ballroom Fashion

Treat Yourself to Inspiring Dance Fashions

At Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, we experience the joy and proof every day that dancing keeps us young. And who wouldn't want to feel young, vibrant, healthy, and happy? Dancing engages us on so many levels that few other activities can compete with its numerous benefits.

Reward Yourself

Why not celebrate your health and beauty, and reward yourself for transforming into the gorgeous and confident dancer you've worked so hard to be with some dance fashions and dance attire? Decorate yourself with beautifully made costumes and rhinestone shoes that will make every move you make on the dance floor sparkle. Feel the comfort of dance practice wear as you hone your technical skills and perfect your style in the ballroom. Choose to stand out boldly or blend in with subtle elegance.

Ballroom Dance: Beauty, Health, & Fashion

Here are some vendors we love and some great sites for practice wear, competitive costuming, dance shoes, and accessories. Who doesn't enjoy a little online shopping now and again?

Very Fine Shoes Jeravae

Ballroom Dancing From Above