Dance Lessons

Develop Your Passion for Dance With Lessons at Crown

Whether you are looking for a survival guide of dance basics or you have an interest in exploring the greater world of ballroom dancing, our team will help you achieve your goals. At Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, our methods of instruction are based around three class options that are designed to work separately and together to develop your abilities and your confidence: private lessons, group classes, and practice parties.

Dance Lessons That Are Right For You

Private Lessons allow students to be introduced to new material and techniques through personalized instruction from their primary teacher. Group Classes give students an opportunity to build muscle memory through the repetition of dance steps, as well as develop their lead and follow with different partners. Finally, our Practice Parties give students a realistic environment where they can use their dancing, meet new people, test out their moves before exploring the social dance scene on their own. Plus, the parties are great for just being happy in a lively atmosphere with fun people!

Dance Lessons At Halloween