Enjoy our group classes at our local dance school in Fairfax, VA.

Group Dancing Services in Fairfax, VA

Our group dancing services in Fairfax, VA, allow students to focus on one dance for several weeks in a row to build muscle memory and reinforce the movements and sequences being introduced in our private dance classes. At Crown Dance Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, we encourage students to use Group Classes as part of their social dance program or to drop-in whenever their schedule allows. Dancing is fun and uplifting, and we want you to be able to make it a real part of your life.

Flexibility & Affordability

We offer flexibility for our students in how they use their local dance classes, as well as affordability, so they can enjoy dancing within any budget. Purchase a Single Group Class for drop-in, or you can purchase a Group Class Card for more dancing at a discounted rate. Our students enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please with our group dance services, making dancing at Crown Dance Studio a realistic experience to fit into their busy lives.

Students who are enjoying our group dancing services in Fairfax, VA.