"I went to take salsa lessons. To put it more accurately, I was forced into taking salsa lessons. Dragged might be more appropriate. My wife thought it was important that I be able to share in her love for dancing salsa.
After checking out some places, we decided on Crowne Dance Studio.
After a first set of private lessons, I can now dance salsa at an intermediate level - enough at least to strut some moves when I go out to a salsa club with my wife and not come off as a complete disaster.
Is salsa dancing fun? I guess it can be if you know what you're doing. But I get the most pleasure from seeing the gorgeous, happy smile on my wife's face when she's having fun and thinking, "wow, he's really dancing!"

"Abraham is the owner. Abraham is a nice guy. Abraham has a good sense of humor.
More importantly, Abraham is a great teacher.
If you want to dance salsa, go to Abraham.
Tip: If you take private lessons, bring a friend. Otherwise, as a guy, it will be just you and Abraham dancing together. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just saying."

"I've been dancing for a while and have taken lessons at many dance studios. The DC metro area fortunately has a lot of options for ballroom dancing; however, none has lived up to the standard that I have for Crown.
The professional instructors here really care about their clients' well being. They know me by name and understand my needs as a dancer. I really look forward to coming back for my lessons!"

"The lessons are great, the teachers are patient and the prices are affordable. The location is very convenient, just blocks away from the Mosaic shopping complex in Merrifield. I would recommend them to any level of dancer - beginner, intermediate or advanced."

"I usually go to another dance studio, but over the Christmas break that place was closed, so I came to Crown. The instructor, Abe, was very welcoming and helped me feel at home. He is an exceptional teacher and I was able to pick up quickly and really enjoy myself. I went twice and wouldn't hesitate going back, if I wasn't already at home at the other place. Nice large studio with lots of mirrors to help self-assessment. Reasonably priced."

"Abe was our instructor for our wedding first dance and he was awesome! I have two left feet so it was a challenge for my husband to lead me, but Abe taught us what we both needed to do in order to be more comfortable on the dance floor. We had so much fun learning to dance! I strongly recommend him if you're looking for private lessons."